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Tuesday, 28 October 2014 23:23

Edwin Mutilu and The Art of Fashion Illustrations

Edwin Mutilu is an incredibly talented fashion illustrator with a very bright future ahead of him. We are absolutely in love with his art and that is why we interviewed him. Read below the exclusive interview with Edwin.

MFB: Tell us more about yourself and your background. When did you start illustrating?

Edwin Mutilu: I’m a 26 year old Kenyan born living in America. I love to travel, dance, run and listen to good music. I also love to dress well not for friends but for Women. I am working man working my way up to become a successful fashion illustrator and designer. It all started as a childhood hobby by drawing things that inspired me such as luxury cars, cartoons and celebrities. I could draw uncontrollably to come up with something original, and the more I drew my style and flair popped. I then shared my work with friends and got bullied for my great works. I was told that I’m too dumb to come up with something good and got laughed at but that didn’t determine. 8 years later, I migrated to the USA with my parents at age 13. I then joined middle school and focused more with my art classes. I didn’t know much about fashion illustration at that time until I grew older.

MFB: Has illustrating always been your passion? Have you ever thought that one day you would have so many fans of your art?

Edwin Mutilu: Well for me… I’m talented in drawing, and illustration “fashion illustration” is my passion/gift. When I was happy with my designs, I started sharing my creations online in 2011 via Facebook, Tumblr , Twitter and Instagram to my advantage. I then enrolled to the art institute to study fashion retail and also learned the practical side of fashion design by constructing garments from scratch. I never thought I could get to where I am right now, or even gain as much fans. It all happened by being consistent with my craft , honest hard work and getting on my knees every morning to thank the most high. I feel blessed to catch celebrities attention such as Naomi Campbell Queen of catwalk, Edward Enninful stylist director of W magazine, Superstar gymnast Nastia Liukin, and Ty Hunter Fashion Director &Stylist.

MFB: If you were to change your career as an illustrator with another one, what would it be?

Edwin Mutilu: If I were to change my career as an illustrator, it would be like what I’ve have been saying on my previous interviews “I don’t see myself being anything else other than a fashion illustrator & designer.
I like to remain as positive as I can with my career in order for me to continue to be used as a source of inspiration on market.

MFB: You have quite a remarkable style of blending fashion with illustrations. How did it all begin?

Edwin Mutilu: When I first started drawing, I used straight lines to draw cars, and my curves came from drawing cartoons repeatedly. Both techniques are now applied to come up with a fashion illustration by Edwin Mutilu. That’s how it all began.

MFB: Who is the person you admire the most? Has he/she influenced you in some way or another?

Edwin Mutilu: The person I admire the most is my mother, she is an elegant strong woman and very loving. Whatever that is happening in my life right now is through her prayers. I feel blessed to have a mother, she raised me well and taught me good. When I was a boy she made sure I dressed well Indoors and outdoors. For some reason this could possibly be why I love to dress and have my own clothing label.

MFB: Do you consider yourself a visionary capable of setting new trends? What are your future plans?

Edwin Mutilu: I’m a visionary designer, but i do not consider myself trendy... I like to look back to connect the dots when I design. So, most of my inspiration comes from vintage fashion, fashion that lasts and can be worn all year around. I look at vintage vogue and brands such as Versace, Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, and Polo by Ralph Lauren. I then merge that style with what the women of today are wearing.

I plan to set up a website in the near future hopefully by summer of 2015 for viewers to shop.



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